"A tender and intensly moving account of an extraordinary journey; a beautiful, human and uplifting story of transformation in the final chapter of life; ends shade into beginnings, and acceptance into discovery, as two ordinary people walk together through fear, emotion and personal history into an unexpected and healing vision of the truth. This book charts what is possible, with love and wisdom, when death brings us face to face with the ultimate meaning of our lives." 

- Sogyal Rinpoche

author of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying


"A moving, profound exploration of life, death and regeneration"

- Oliver James

author of They F*** You Up: How to Survive Family Life 


Reader Reviews on Amazon:

  • I read this book from beginning to end within 48 hours of receiving it. It tells the story of how Paul's commitment to visiting a dying old lady provokes a journey of self-discovery in him, and how their experiences, although very different, meet as he continues to befriend her. Paul's style in writing is excellent, combining as it does the harsh reality to life with stunningly poetic expression. In essence it is a very simple tale, but something magical lies within it. I experience from it honesty, courage, and acceptance all rolled into one. Paul's ability to affect another rubs off on me the reader in the same way it inevitably did with Val.
  • I was deeply affected by this profoundly moving account of the relationship between a dying woman and a young man in search of deeper meaning in life. Essential reading to gain a refreshed perspective on life - and death.
  • A book about life...the good moments, the ordinary moments and the ending moments. A book that is at times witty and sad but always honest...a thoroughly good read.
  • I found this book extremely moving and the depth of the characters was extraordinary - you felt you were in the same room with them as there friendship grew and blossomed. A book to cherish and I wish he'd write another.
  • A very moving story. A friendship based on respect and love and how two people brought together by circumstances develop an unbreakable bond.


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