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A psychotherapist I was supervising had a dream, in which I had written two books - Pilgrims and The Story of My Life. I took this dream as a requirement that I should write these books, and the first, Pilgrims, was published by Random House in 2005 - you can click on the link above to find out a little more about it.


The Story of My Life is in process, and is likely to come in the form of two books. The narrative arc takes the reader through my life in seven year steps, 0-7 Childhood, 14-21 Adolescence, and so on, and is the story of loss of self through social conditioning and the journey toward redemption. The link above will take you to the first chapter of Book One. If you want to read more, write me.


The Sitting Man

The Story of My Life - Book One


A psychotherapist I was supervising several years ago had a dream I was to write two books. I have found (so far) it will require two books to write the second book mentioned in the dream - The Story of My Life. The link above (in red) will take you to the synopsis of Book One, and soon the first three chapters.




 On Training Psychotherapists


I wrote this article for the magazine The Psychotherapist in 2008. It seems to me it has stood up well over time. I wrote it after fifteen years of  training people to become psychotherapists in London. They were either undertaking diplomas or M.A.s in psychotherapy and counselling.


I came to the conclusion, pretty early on in this work, that you can't train a person into being a psychotherapist. Rather, a person needs to undertake an apprenticeship over a period of something between ten and twenty years - more like twenty - in which they are working as a psychotherapist, learning from their patients, from undergoing their own therapy, and from the kind and honest guidance of a master of the craft. This is because psychotherapy is a craft, not a science and not an art - although it requires both. Click on the link above.



Starting At The End


I was interviewed by Ed Marriott ofThe Observer newspaper, and the article was published in the newspaper's Society  suppliment on Sunday May 1st 2005. The topic of the interview was my book PilgrimsClick on the link above.