Please Note:

As I am about to go on sabbatical I am not taking on any new people at present. July 2023 would be the time to check my availability. 



Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine


M.A. Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling


Diploma Advanced Psychotherapy


Diploma Individual & Group Supervision


Diploma Psychotherapy


B.A. Psychology 1980




For 30 years I have helped people successfully address a range of issues including depression, self-esteem, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting, terminal illness, bereavement, spirituality, meaning, and purpose. As a result of the work, people have become more aware, more confident, more harmonious, and lead more successful, meaningful, and happy lives. 


What I do is based on the solid platform of decades of experience in psychotherapy - as a practitioner, as a recipient, as a teacher and trainer and supervisor, and as a writer. I provide the highest standards of attentiveness, care, respect, and compassionate challenge for the people who come to work with me.


The aim is to provide a therapeutic experience that enhances the psychological, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical health and well-being of each individual - these aspects are all interconnected and so all must be addressed for long-lasting development and real progress. The process is about more than psychological health, it is health and well-being on all levels.


Depth psychotherapy is an ongoing experience through which a person develops self awareness, autonomy, a fulfilling level of social participation, and a meaningful relationship with life itself.


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